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Thoughs of a male Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "1gr8nymph" journal:

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September 27th, 2007
10:44 am


nope i should not have...............

Current Mood: angryangry

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January 14th, 2007
11:50 am


should i give her a another chance?????????????many concerns about it.........

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June 9th, 2006
12:20 pm


so yes i know that the event that iwent on last weekend was a little weird considering all the stuff that has gone on with us in the past feew months but we are working on it.

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12:19 pm


warning my spelling and grammar sucks but i had to share my evening ................................truestory........................................ After the bar last weekend i was sitting on the couch back at my place, with my buddy talk about the chicks at the bar. when my girl friend and her friend came through the door after there evening out, drunk off there ass and horny as hell.

my girlfriends friend never really had an a traction for my buddy, so he figured he was shit out of luck, but was always persistent to try.

my girlfriend and i were in the kitchen with the lights off making out and they kept asking where we were doing making all that noise. we said "Nothing" but they knew we were up to no good.

in the mean time her friend was playing dead with her feet on my buddy lap. right on his dick, and every time she would move them his dick was getting harder. he knew she could feel it after a few minutes so, he started rubbing her leg and working his way up to her warm pussy. that when he knew it was on, and desided to take advantage of the situation.
we could see that they were messing around so we went out on the couch across from them. she sat down and i stood in front of her so she suck my cock and get my it nice and hard, as we watched the other two fuck on the other couch.
with her skirt was around her waist and my buddy still had his pants on, but thats ok. i didn't want to see his ass any way. but they were not into it as much as we were.
i eventually dropped my boxers and laid my gf on the couch and she wrapped her legs around me,she let out a light moan as i entered her pussy. which cought their attenion, and desided to watch a little to.
the other two really were not making that much noise, so we figured we would me the excprience a little crazier.
i bent her over the arm of the couch so we could watch the two other fuck. i lubed up her ass with saliva, and eased my hard cock into her tight ass. she then let out a loud moan and told me to fuck her ass. i don't know think the other couple knew what to think. of me fucking my gf in the ass and she was moaning like pornstar. i held on to her skirt that was still around her waist and drove my cock deep into her ass. she was screaming fuck me and i fucked her deeper and hard at ever screen.
that's when my buddy said he could concentrate on what he was doing. which made me fuck her even harder. this was something we always talked about doing, but never did or even try to make it happen.
after a while my gf and i went bed room to finish the job, all over her tits.

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May 31st, 2006
06:27 pm


will the shit on me streak ever end
well bri and i are doing ok, of course after her tell me it was over two weekends ago, and didn't put up much of a fight she desided to work things out, and hear my what i ad to say and why things were the things were. and i hate having to say it her. but a lot of it was, and her not trust me, and her blaming me for stuff she has done to.
such as getting peoples numbers from work. i found one sticking out of her bag, i didn't have to look in it. it was sticking out and i could see the name mark on it, on top of her talking to one of her ex's.

but the number was a guy from work, for what ever reason he gave it to her, and like me i took and just shoved it in a poket. Not thinking anything of it. so she understood where i came from when she found one in my close.

she alway think im getting texts from girls, because she has been getting them from her ex and she realizes how easy it is to hide them.

so my next issue. work why not............ take care of one problem and shovel a few more on...... ......" thanks for the lest good man, but i realy done need it. im content with the issues i have thanks. ....amen"

i have applied for job that would get me promoted, andhave been shut down for the past year. and it my supervisor and boss selling me out. and its working. talk about feeling like you not wanted.
the past open the hired a guy off the street over me and the other guy.
then a promotions come with in the shop.
and the only thing my boss has against me is one truck.
when i out work pretty much any one in this shop. the problem is i say it. and i need to learn to keep my comments to my self no matter how true they are.
you can't trust anyone, especaily in the organization.

i think they are slowly getting rid of me, and i have to watch my back because i don't have anyone watching mine. and the funny thing the same people tell me stories and but what other people are saying. TWO FACED fuckers.

what do i do

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May 16th, 2006
12:09 am


i will never unders stand
we have been flirting all night.
once she gets horny, she the sweetest thing. but when she has her days, she sucks, and i want to say forget it all. but times like these are what i love.

but the closer it gets to the weekend things tend to go down hill. and i argument will break out over something. i try to think and see if i am just jumping to conclusions, im not perfect by far. but i think shes the one with the issues and i over react.
i try not to. i try to bit my tongue, but she hit that spot and i know she knows she does. and it all over from there.
we have been texting all night. and now she's telling me how she's going to bed naked. damn i just want o show up there go down on her, rub one out on her tits and leave.

Current Mood: contentcontent

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May 15th, 2006
03:12 pm


well for starters not to help the relationship, i got activated for the floods he right in my home town.
and whats not helping is that we are trying to work things out. and to night bri doesn't have her daughter to night so now is a good night to talk about i am stuck her.
but i do believe is she want to talk she can come here, i told her this but she hasn't said she would. and it not like she has come here before.

but i did talk to the chaplin for about an hours to see what he thought of the whole thing. after talking to him i don't feel better, but it did help a little.

i mean we have been having an issue for the past few months mostly on the weekend. why im not to sure. and im having a hard time pin pointing the issue
the issue we are having are little things that should blow over for the most part or you would figure we should be able to work out.

the chapln told me to ask my self and her questions. where do you want things to go, and do you want them to work out.

i do i know i do.

i know she does too. but its been going on so long, it just seems easier to call it quites. and that is what she is ready to do, but i can't. i love her to much.

but i to am about ready to call it quites. but i ask my self is that what i really want??????????

to be continued

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: 101

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May 14th, 2006
08:36 pm


where did we go wrong
well bri and i are about over. it so unclear where things went wrong she's trying to let me go, but i can't i am in love with her to much. but there is a lot that pisses me off about her. the biggest thing her additude sucks. things can be good one minute but shit the next.

Current Mood: crushed?????????
Current Music: 101

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January 15th, 2006
08:35 am


more friends from the past
we worked everything out and we are going to working our trust issues.

she went out last night with her cousin and i went out by my self and met up with paul at liquid. after i went to WB good club and quality chicks, danielle from unos work the on fridays mondays and someother day.

then i ran into shanon bilidue at liquid shes a shoot girl at uptown. she's had two and kids and married to the same guy she was dating before prom, they broke up and bri dumped me, three weeks before prom. and i ended up going with her. long story.
she's still a little cutie.

Current Mood: crappyhung over

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January 12th, 2006
02:17 pm


i will never under stand women
bri needed to get a bunch of stuff done. she was falling behind on bill s because she has been so busy with work and i told her i could help her if she told me what she needed to get done.

so she told me last she needed to get he car fixed but didn't have the money for a rentle car. so i went to the glass place and got her an apoint ment and and then at the body shop. and beasicly her only responce was now i have to find the papers. hardly a thanks you.
i know she has an attude problem, but damn.

she tells me all the things i need to work on and i do. and i told the attitude is basicly the only thing she has to work on. and
seems like shes hardly trying.
but it is also all most that time of the month were i get blow job for a week. she such a good girl. but at this ratei don't see that in my future this month.

i don't think i will ever under stand women. i was alway told, don't even bother trying..... i guess they're right

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: 101 at work

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